Smart tattoo is the future of wearable electronics

“Smart tattoo is a device platform that combines electronic components for sensing, medical diagnostics, communications and human machine interfaces, all on an ultra thin skin-like patch that mounts directly onto the skin with the ease, flexibility and comfort of a temporary tattoo”

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.56.45 AM


“As mentioned earlier, the essential component that is crucial for the working of Smart Tattoos is human sweat. Now, sweat is secreted by the body when the temperature of the body increases more than the normal temperature. This often happens when you exercise, walk or even stand under the sun. When the temperature of the body increases then it starts burning the muscle fat that is present in the body.  This muscle fat undergoes constant oxidation, which increases your need for oxygen. Then, with continuous oxidation taking place the muscles break down and give out lactate as a byproduct. This lactate usually comes out from the body along with the sweat salts. This lactate comes in contact with the sensors that are present in the Tattoos. The tattoo is well embedded with constricted nanotubes sensors that enzymatically sense lactates from the sweat. This byproduct is now induced by the tattoo is create at least 70 micro watts of energy per cm2 of skin, with the help of lactate reaction enzymes that are present across the tattoos.  Moreover, lactate is even reckoned to be a skin based power station that is used for this amazing process.”



    The tattoos can turn into an interface that can be used, for example, as a trackpad or a button to remotely control your phone.


    they can track and show you information about yourself. For example, by including thermochromic displays that change color in reaction to heat, the tattoos can show yo your body temperature.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.13.03 AM


    A third possible function is wireless communication. The tattoo could include an NFC (near field communications) tag, an electrical component that includes small microchips to store data that can be read by phones or other NFC devices nearby.


  • Can be fixed as a temporary tattoo on the body
  • Application of this tattoo allows the people to perform regular exercise so as to charge.
  • The sensors are quite small and amalgamate with the tattoo itself
  • This can be used to run a watch too as mostly watch need at least 10 microwatts to run properly.
  • Its eco-friendly hence does not leave back any carbon footprint.
  • A functional device measures the amount of current lactate present in the bodY


  • The tattoo cannot be fixed as a permanent tattoo.
  • It is unable to charge larger device like smartphone or laptop.
  • The engineering concept that is used in its making is complex.
  • The tattoo will only work after strenuous exercise.
  • The interaction of glycolysis leads to loss of energy in the body

DUOSKIN is a smart tattoo which is being developed by a few researchers in MIT.

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