Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

Wearables are great, but the vast majority of them come in the form of of a watch.We have been craving a much less conspicuous wearable device that basically achieves the same end: counting steps and active minutes and measuring heart rate.


San Francisco-based startup Motiv thinks it has the answer in the form of a wearable that you place on your finger. The Motiv Ring, which will launch later this year in the US for US$199, monitors your heart rate, your sleep duration, the number of steps you take, and more.There’s lots to like about the device, from its 3-5 day battery, to the neat charger that fits on your keyring, to the fact that it focuses on raising your heart-rate rather than concentrating on step counts. Smart rings are a new category, so we’ll definitely need more time with this product before being able to give it a recommendation, but these are our first hands-on impressions.

What does Motiv track?

  • Active Minutes
  • Active Heart Rate
  • Calories Burned
  • Distance
  • Activity Types
  • Sleep Duration
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Steps

We think Motiv isn’t just on to something.  As technology advances there’s so much potential in a device like this and Motiv is just scratching the surface.

SOURCE:mymotiv and techwearables

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