Wearables for Climate Change

Have you ever felt like you could never find an equilibrium in regards to your body and the surround temperature? Everyone, at some point, might think of an idea where our clothes adjust to the weather without any hassle or risk. Engineers and inventors have tried their best to bring this idea into reality. It’s such a good news that there are Wearable Technologies that detect this and here are some new and available products below

Omius Tech has studied the phenomenon of how a plant can stay warm or cold without clothing in any condition for years. Their idea is to incorporate this concept into a mixture of robotics and textiles. The clothing is allowed to recognize when the body is hot or cold and adjust the airflow accordingly. They recently tested their jacket on Ingrid Drexel, Olympic Cyclist. They also spoke at a recent wearable technologies conference 2016 USA.

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Clim8 is also another revolution for textile technology. Their product is intelligent enough to regulate your temperature and of course, enhance your comfort. Clim8 integrates sensors in the garment monitoring your skin temperature. As the temperature changes, the shirt also changes to meet your needs. The advanced body mapping concept ensures you retain warmth in specific areas where you are most sensitive. The Clim8 app lets you calibrate the heating, track your activity or assess your energy levels.

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Wendu is a uniquely innovative piece of apparel that is making a revolutionary break into the world of wearable technology. It is a smart shirt that can regulate your temperature via your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Essentially, anytime you feel hot, you can opt for it to cool sensation, and anytime it’s too cold, you can make it warm. How can Wendu do it? With the help of thermal conduction technology, Wendu can switch temperatures from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius in just a couple of minutes. You may not control the weather around you – but you can maintain optimal temperature at your ease and comfort.
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrbLR8tZ7s0

The ClimaWare is a new line of clothing by India’s Dhama Innovations which is supposed to keep you comfy no matter what the thermometer says. It is designed to flip from 0 to 100 degrees at a push of a button. The clothing features 8 levels of heating and cooling to cope with unpredictable weather, extreme temperatures and hostile environments. The technology is based on the form of heat exchange that keeps laptops and other electronic devices from overheating.

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As the climate becomes increasingly unpredictable, a climate-control wearable can be the best solution for the shifting temperatures we encounter through the day

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