Nuheara IQbuds: Super Intelligent Wireless Earbuds

The technology of listening to something has taken a huge leap forward. Nuheara’s Smart Wireless Earbuds Make Apple AirPods Look Dumb. It’s no secret that true wireless earbuds are one of the biggest trends.

It took a second-generation product from Doppler Labs, the new Here One, to actually add music into the mix. Nuheara’s IQbuds skipped that first step and jumped right into the world of all-in-one augmented hearable functionality, adding music and ambient sound control in the company’s first-ever product.

The app for the IQ buds looks strikingly similar to the Doppler Labs app, offering a similar dial to control the sound around you. The IQ buds app allows you to raise or lower the total volume (both music and outside noise), enhance augmented sound via an intuitive EQ window, and even raise or lower the right or left earbud volume levels independently — that’s especially handy for those with hearing-loss issues.

Nuheara IQbuds™ are unique in the way they combine the benefits of three different products in two beautifully designed totally wireless earbuds.

Experience a new world of intelligent hearing that allows you to control what you want to hear in the world around you.  Imagine a world where you can focus on conversations in challenging social environments, or where you can control how you hear what’s around you based on your hearing preference and location.

IQbuds™ intelligent hearing allows you to do just that and more – AND they enable you to connect to your digital devices so you can listen to your music in stereo, engage with SIRI and other voice enabled apps and make clear, hands-free phone calls.

Nuheara’s revolutionary IQbuds™ will be the first true hearable that will change the way millions of people listen, communicate and connect to their world.


  • Solid music playback
  • Decent charge time
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Feature packed


  • Noise cancellation can sound a little scratchy

Source :digitaltrends and Indiegogo

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