Smart Mirrors: Call it Magic!

Looking into the mirror and talking to yourself?Admit it, we all have done it at some point in our lives. And those of you, who still do it, well, what if the mirror could talk back? Imagine this, ” you wake up in the morning by your annoying alarm which you’ve snoozed over a million times. Still somnolent, you get off the bed and find your way to the washroom. As you begin brushing your teeth, your mirror comes alive and gives you the day’s news, weather, emails and messages. What’s more, you use it to connect to your coffee maker and toaster to have your breakfast ready by the time you shower.” A tad unbelievable right? Well, thanks to ventures like DuoNuovo, Glance it’s a reality now.

The Duo, a smart mirror, is a part mirror, all computer. It is an AI-powered computer for your home. You can connect Duo to other smart devices or use it as a standalone entertainment hub. It is voice activated and you can play music, stream videos, control lights, play games, read your emails, check the weather or control room temperatures. Those were just a few of the features. It sports a:

  • 27” full-HD 1080p display
  • 27″ 5-point multi-touch reflective surface
  • Built-in microphone & speaker (connecting to separate Bluetooth speaker recommended)
  • Built-in Wi-fi, Bluetooth
  • Duo Core chip (onboard processor)
  • HomeOS including Albert Engine
  • Native apps including Duo Music, Duo News, Duo App Store


It also has a built-in AI assistant much like the Siri on the iOS called Albert, helping you control any app with voice. Like :

Albert, play me some jazz.

Albert, do I need an umbrella today?

You can even modify its aspects similar to creating your own Sim’s character.

There are few other players in the market, like:

Glance: Glance is a smart-mirror that communicates personalized information to its users. This includes weather, calendar, commute times, messages and more.

Nuovo: The touchscreen smart mirror can do anything and everything with its wifi connectivity such as:

  • getting you updated with your social media feeds of facebook and twitter
  • latest news from the leading publications
  • accessing YouTube videos
  • google maps navigation
  • going hands free with google voice command feature to operate different functions
  • get updated with your personal emails
  • book a cab through Uber
  • Calendar updates
  • know the current time and weather forecasts
  • Multi-user accessibility with separate logins

Entertainment apart , smart mirrors like Wize Mirror incorporates 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to assess the health of someone looking into it. It does this by examining the person’s face, looking at fatty tissue, facial expressions and how flushed or pale they are.

Facial recognition software looks for telltale markers of stress or anxiety, while the gas sensors take samples of the user’s breath looking for compounds that give an indication of how much they drink or smoke. The 3D scanners analyse face shape to spot weight gain or loss, while the multispectral cameras can estimate heart rate or haemoglobin levels.

After the software has analysed the face – which only takes about a minute – the mirror produces a score that tells the user how healthy they seem. It also displays personalised advice on how to improve their health.

However, the niggle for smart mirrors becoming commonplace may lie in the price. HelpMeBuild’s Nuovo carries a heftier price tag starting at ₹2,59,999 for a 24-inch screen, going all the way up to ₹5,79,999 for a 55-inch screen. The Glance mirror comes with a whooping price tag of $1800 which is ₹116289. Fast forward, year 2030, you may find yourself looking at the mirror, repeating , “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of ’em all?”

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