Updated 2017! Which Fitbit is the best for you this year?

Need a new Fitbit buddy for your fitness goals this year but not able to decide which one to buy? Here are some tips to decide on which would be the best for you – the Flex 2, Alta HR, Charge 2, the Blaze or the Surge?

First let’s look at the features you need:

  • Steps, calories and distance
  • Sleep tracking , silent alarm
  • Reminders to move when idle
  • Call and text notifications
  • SmartTrack – automatically recognize these activities – Walking, running, elliptical, biking, swimming (Flex 2)
  • Alarm

These are features that are common across all the Fitbits mentioned, in addition to these, according to your need let’s see with more and more features added which one is suitable for you.

The battery life of all the Fitbits is around 5 days and 7 days for the Surge. In Reality you can expect around 4 days and if you use it less frequently then 6 days.

All of them sync with the Fitbit app which is the most user friendly app to use compared to others like Garmin.

Flex 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.47.06 PM

The Flex 2 adds these features:

  • Swim-proof! (Only Flex 2 and Surge)
  • Slimmest Fitbit out there
  • Options to use it as the wristband, bangle and pendant as well

The Flex 2 does not have a screen to show the time or any notifications but does have color LEDs to show some notifications and reminders such as calls and reminders to move. But this in deed is the cheapest Fitbit and surprisingly the only one to be swim-proof as well, apart from the most-expensive Surge.

If you do not need a screen and a heart rate sensor and just looking for a simple fitness tracker which is slim, the Flex 2 is for you.


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.47.13 PM

The ALTA HR adds these features:

  • Small and neat display to look at time and activities
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Sleep stages (Light, Deep and REM)
  • PurePulse Heart Rate

If you don’t go out swimming that often and you need to track your Heart Rate and your sleep stages, the Alta HR might be for you. This Fitbit is liked among the people for its simplicity and customization as well. The Heart Rate sensor is blasting 24/7 to let you know throughout the day and during your activities. The Heart Rate sensor across all Fitbits are pretty accurate except in the high heart rate during heavy workouts when it fluctuates. If these features are enough for you, then great, if not look further down.

Charge 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.47.22 PM

The Charge 2 adds these features

  • A bigger display
  • Altimeter – to count floors climbed
  • Multi-Sport
  • Cardio Fitness Level
  • Connected GPS
  • Guided breathing sessions
  • Customizable wristbands (leather ones for work example)

Those are some great features yes? The Multi-Sport feature allows you to select the appropriate activity and look at real time stats – such as running, biking, interval training and weights. You can select the appropriate activity and start the workout.

The Cardio Fitness level is basically a measure of your VO2 max – the maximum rate of oxygen consumption as measured during incremental exercise, which can be helpful to some people. Though it doesn’t have built in GPS, it has connected GPS, which means you need to take your phone along with you, which might not be a problem if you take your phone anyway. And finally it has Guided Breathing Sessions (inhale and exhale!) – for 2 or 5 min to help relax you using your real time heart rate.

The Charge 2 has been a favorite among the majority of the population and right now is Fitbits most selling activity tracker. Your search might end here unless you need a built in GPS or you need something that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker. Now let’s look at the last two Fitbits.

Fitbit Blaze

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.47.31 PM

The Blaze essentially has all the features of the Charge 2 – except that it has a nice color display which can view full messages and notifications. The Charge 2 can do the same as well, but some part of long messages might get cut off. The latest update has added Guided Breathing sessions and Cardio Fitness Level as well, which were not available before.

So why do you need a Blaze? If you think that the Charge 2 is not office friendly, and need something that looks more like a watch, then go for the Blaze. It is quite huge but it is thinner than the Charge 2 and is very comfortable to wear. Do notice that the watch’s bezels are quite big. Also, it has some short workouts from the FitStar App. These range from 5 to 7 minutes and show you images of what exercises to perform. These may be suitable just for warmups and not actual high intensity workouts. It also has music control. Apart from this, the features are exactly same as that of the Charge 2.

Fitbit Surge

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.47.38 PM

This is the costliest and bulkiest Fitbit out there and isn’t as popular as the previous two.

Now let’s clearly breakdown its features,

It does NOT have –

  • Sleep Stages ( Light, Deep, REM ) just simple sleep tracking
  • Reminders to move
  • Cardio Fitness Level & Guided Breathing sessions
  • Calendar Alerts ( Call & text alerts present )
  • Many customizable options

But what it does have is –

  • A build in GPS
  • Swim-proof

As you can see, the Fitbit Surge is for those few people who need “build-in GPS” as well as “Swim-Proof” but no not mind not having some features. If you are one of them, then the Surge is for you.

This comes to the end of the article; hopefully with the detailed features you were able to decide which Fitbit is the best for you. In brief:

Simplicity and Swim-proof – Flex 2

Add Heart Rate and a screen – Alta HR

The All-rounder – Charge 2

The more “office friendly”/”watch-like” one – Blaze

Built in GPS & Swim-proof – Surge


Have any more questions to help you decide? Comment below!

AUTHOR: Bharat Rahuldhev

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