Stress Busting Wearables

Stress has always been an unavoidable reality of life.Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in tech meant to keep our mind in good shape.

Here is a collection of the most interesting devices that claim to be able to keep you calm


Thync Relax Pro uses safe, low level electrical stimulation to activate specific nerve pathways on the head and neck. These pathways communicate with areas in the brain that help control stress levels, mood and sleep quality. Thync Relax Pro delivers carefully constructed stimulation patterns that tap into your body’s own mechanisms to relax, improve mood and sleep better. Nerve stimulation approaches have been used for decades and have been shown to be safe with substantially lower levels of side effects than pharmaceuticals.

  • WellBe

WellBe is an elegant, lightweight bracelet and mobile app designed to support your emotional well-being. Find out what your stress triggers are and learn personalized meditation and other well-being exercises to release stress immediately.The WellBe bracelet monitors your heart rate and uses a patent pending algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and people you meet throughout your day. Crafted from cork, the WellBe bracelet is lightweight, durable, and soft against your skin.

  • Spire

Spire is transcendent. The  device looks like a river stone on one side with a metal clip on the back that’s shaped like a silver wishbone. The Qi wireless charger is beautiful, too, with its faux-wood-grain trim that makes you want to display the Spire when it’s being charged. The gadget holds its power for almost a week and it is rugged enough to survive the washing machine if you forget to take it off your clothes.Spire doesn’t actually monitor your brain. It gauges your breathing. Slow, consistent breaths indicates calmness. Halting, uneven breaths signal tension. Breathing that’s fast and consistent gets points for focus. Add lots of steps and Spire knows you’re in an activity streak.

SOURCE: Thync ,Spire , WellBe , YouTube , Punchkick Interactive

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