Smart Helmets will help keep you safe

We’ve all been taught safety first so, why not incorporate a little bit of technology and make it a wearable device which can help you by improving your daily life. This is exactly what these companies have done while coming up with the idea of their device. These are Smart Helmets and they can help people maximize their capabilities while riding or working.

LIVALL Bling Helmet


LIVALL Bling Helmet is smart because it has built-in Windbreak Mic, 3-axis G-sensor, Bluetooth Speaker and LEDs on the top and back of the helmet. All these things together make their Bling Helmet extraordinary.

With the Windbreak Mic and Bluetooth Speaker, the rider can answer or make phone calls when it’s necessary. They can enjoy their ride without worrying people may not be able to reach them. Even when they ride in a group they need not yell at each other and can communicate with each other using the Windbreak mic like a ‘walkie-talkie’ device.

It comes with LED lights at the back of the helmet which serve as direction indicators as well as help them be visible in the night.

They also have an app available for your Smart Phones. The App can play music, send out SOS alerts, control the lighting on the helmet, and show your journey’s stats. You can share stats, photos and videos via Facebook or Twitter.



This is a one-of-a-kind helmet available in the market these days. It is powered by a 6th generation Intel© Core m7 processor allows for highly performant multimedia and AR applications. It also has a high-speed wide-angle camera along with a dedicated processor for AR applications.

There is a transparent augment reality display has been ruggedized for industrial environments. It is comfortable to use both Indoors and Outdoors.

There are three sensors- an integrated RGB camera, stereo infrared cameras and an infrared light projector- work together intuitively to help the helmet infer depth.

An integrated absolute scale thermal camera offers persistent passive thermal monitoring of industrial equipment. By overlaying data onto the visual augmented reality display, thermal anomalies can be quickly scanned.

Courtesy- Daqri, LIVALL.

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