Wearables Made for Women Safety


It is a simple smartwatch which you can connect via bluetooth to an app on your phone.Then in the app you can select the security level and you can invite your friends and family to your guardian network.When in danger, activate the Safelet by simultaneously pressing the two buttons located on both edges.Your guardians receive an alert, along with your location and guidance on what to do.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 6.43.41 PM


Disguised as an average ring, SIREN actually helps users stay safe by emitting a piercing, loud sound to confuse and distract attackers. The sound is over 110 decibels loud and can be heard from 50 feet away.


ROAR Athena, the smart safety jewellery. Designed to protect women from physical assaults, this small device offers you safety with a push of a button. About the size of a quarter and coming in sleek black, silver, and rose gold.When activated, Athena instantly emits a loud, deterring alarm and messages your loved ones with your location.

SOURCE: siren , safelet , roar  , Youtube siren , Youtube roar

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