BodyTrak – Advanced Hearable Exercise Health Tracker

In today’s world we come across many gadgets such as smart watches, smart rings and many more that keep track of our fitness. Likewise bodytrak is one such innovative tracking device that offers you progress during workout. This is a new tracking device which helps you measure if you are positively progressing with your workout or not.
It is very effective in showing you the amount of calories that you have lost during an exercise. This way, you will be able to adopt a good workout plan for losing weight and keeping fit. Bodytrak also provides accurate, continuous and non-invasive monitoring of vital signs of individuals from the most active to hospitalized patients, ensuring sustained high performance and enabling intervention of worsening conditions to prevent illness, and ultimately reduce fatalities.
The pros include, the Bodytrak  providing two-way communications, music playback and ambient sound transparency to meet the different needs of the sport, defense, first response, health and safety, and healthcare markets. Since Bodytrak accesses the ear, it detects changes in body physiology rapidly and accurately due to its close proximity to the brain, more effectively than when measuring at the periphery of the body.

Features of Body Trak – Hearable Smart Bio-metric Fitness Activity Tracker

This device has unique features that make it very effective in producing results. They are as follows:

1. Earpiece
It is a device that can be plugged into your ears easily. This will help you keep track of progress during exercise. It will help you get relevant and reliable information concerning your weight loss progress. It is a device that can also help you get information on your general health.

2. Technology
This device utilizes powerful technology through making sure that the product is easy to use by all kinds of people. It makes it possible to be used by the old, young, technology experts and less expertise individuals use the product. You only require to activate the plug and play the technology. The device also comes with guideline on how to use the product. You need to follow the guidelines without intervention from any person. This gives you confidence of using the device.

Body Trak- Hearable Smart Biometric Fitness Activity Tracker

3. Safety Mechanism
The device makes it possible for you to reach first response while you are engaged in workouts as running or spinning. You are also able to get health services, which make sure that you will be safe in case of any emergency.

4. Record Several Metrics
This is a powerful tracker in the market. It helps you keep record of several elements in your body while you are exercising. It will help you take record of the rate of your heart, your body temperature, your speed and distance you have covered. It will track these records and send it to your Smartphone. It is from your phone that you will read and analyze your results.

5. Two Way Communication
The device is able to provide two way communications. It is also able to allow you play music while you are excising. The music will be played on the background. Its sound is quality that takes care of your ears.

Technical Design of Body Trak

This is a device that has unique and effective designs for its performance. These designs are as indicated below:

Design Bodytrack

1. Voice Prompts – these voice prompts are responsible for notifying you of significant progress while on workout. It is able to provide information on your progress making you speed or slow while on workout. It will help you exercise within healthy limits without any risk.

2. Sensors – the sensors help you record every information concerning your health during exercise. It will help record your heart rate and speed. This will help you manage well your exercise plan.

3. Quality Sound – the sound that is utilized is of high quality. It helps you listen to music while exercising without causing any damage to your hearing.

4. 100Mah Battery – this is a battery that lasts for long. It will be used for reasonable time period before being charged. This battery also saves you from frequent charging and the money you would use to replace it.

5. Compatible – this is a device that is easily compatible with body trak app in your Smartphone. It will help you read and analyze your workout progress. This will help you know if you are positively progressing or not. Knowing the quantity of calories you burn every single workout is important as it helps you utilize your energy and time well.
This gadget maybe worth it, also it is yet to come into market. Hence for details about the product and it’s launch visit the official website Click here: bodytrak .

Source: wearabletechdigest and bodytrak

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