ALEX+, helps you fix your posture in 21 days!

Years of looking down at our devices have created an epidemic of text neck. ALEX+ is the wearable that keeps your chin up, replacing years of poor posture habits with perfect, pain-free posture in 21 days. We spend an average of 2 to 4 hours a day looking down at our smartphones. And then there’s the time spent with our noses in laptop computers, tablets and books. It all combines to a growing epidemic; 45% of office workers suffer from text neck.


Back in 2015, a group of hardware experts, biomedical engineers and people who understand the business side of healthcare in Korea decided to work together to beat text neck.

ALEX+ is very easy to use. Wear it over your ears and behind your neck, calibrate on your app, and we do the rest. It’s also super comfortable – no need for long straps or sticky pads that wear out!


It constantly analyzes your postures up to ten times every second. It also comes with a long lasting battery giving you a life span of ten days on a single charge.

You can track your progress on the ALEX+ App. Check to see how you are doing over time, proportion of good vs poor posture, and how you do even without the alerts.

This product has got great reviews from various leading people in the industry. You can order one now, the estimated date of release is July this year, and help fund their Kickstarter campaign to help them get this product over the finish line.

Their Kickstarter campaign and the source for the article- ALEX+.

Check out the ALEX+ in action in the video below-

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