Integrating emotions with wearables

eScent is a pure example of Sense and Dispense technology. It uses context-dependent scent that can be bio-synced to a person’s emotional, mental or physical state and in a real-time manner mitigates and relieves the mental condition (stress, etc) thus preventing the risk of burn-out and sleeplessness.


eScent is concerned about CONTEXT; it is an emotionally intelligent fragrance dispenser that can be discreetly integrated into smart “sensory” fabrics, (embroidery, integrated devices) jewellery, apparel, and AR/VR.  It responds to sensory and emotional cues and consists of connected sensors that uses Artificial Intelligence to build a personalized scent profile by gradually learning from the user. It can be embedded into clothes and accessories and works with sensors tracking stress, anxiety, heart rate and body odor. Here is a video which shows how it works:

Some of its benefits are-:

  • Positive thinking- 75% and 90% of visits to the GP are stress related. eScent turns positive emotions into an actionable ‘scent bubble’ to alleviate stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. Responds to a change in heart-beat, pulse, blood pressure, respiration, sounds, body odour, speech etc.
  • Sense + Dispense™- Emotionally intelligent wearable scent dispenser with connected sensors. Uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from the wearer. Reads emotions and releases the appropriate  scent accordingly as a controllable, personalised and localised ‘scent bubble’ around the nose.

  • High Odour Value- Powerful olfactory experience – kinder to skin longevity and consistency of odour. Innovative solution to store fragrance ingredients with high odour value and which can be used at low dosage levels to give a powerful fragrance contribution.

  • Pulsed Scent- Supplement to the single perfume bottle mentality, giving a mobile on-the-move selection of several scents for the tech-savvy digital customer.Time and space savings compared with using bottles. Allows a rapid selection of fragrances.

  • Sustainability- More precise use of scent, leading to potential cost savings on ingredients and environmental benefits (no ethanol, efficient use of ingredients). More socially engaged, less packaging = contributes towards a low-carbon economy. Mitigates personal health concerns around allergens.

    For further reading, click here.


Source: Escent


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