allb- A Smart Wearable Device For Infants

Introducing ‘allb’, a smart babysitter who can help you keep an eye on your little ones from wherever you are.


By keeping parents up to date on their babies’ health information, ‘allb’ will reduce the stress of child care and allow them to focus on the joys of childrearing. ‘allb’ safely adheres to the baby’s body in order to accurately measure all his or her movements. This placement produces a more accurate measurement than monitoring devices that attach to the baby’s ankle or clothing.

It accurately analyzes data through synchronization among devices and aggregation by server-management technologies.


‘allb’ monitors skin temperature, sleep patterns and respiratory rate during sleep to monitor your baby’s health.

Baby’s skin temperature is sensitive to changes in the ambient temperature of the room.

‘allb’ records the daily changes in the baby’s skin temperature. It will send a warning alarm to the user’s smart phone when the data recorded deviates from the normal pattern or when continuous changes are detected.

‘allb’ monitors the sleep hours in accordance with the baby’s growth and draws out the specialized sleep pattern. It then compares the collected data with the medically verified sleep data from pediatric studies.

Source- allb Smart Wearable

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