Samsung Gear S3 Review

The Samsung Gear S3 is bigger, bolder and more feature rich than it’s predecessor. It’s a well designed and extremely attractive smart watch with a unique spinning bezel interface.

It’s compatible with the Android and through the Samsung Gear app it’s compatible with the IOS but is a little buggy.

There are two stand out qualities of the Samsung Gear S3:

Samsung pay – This being the stand out feature of any Samsung product and including the same for the Gear S3 is very useful.

Spotify – The Samsung Gear S3 offers the Spotify app on the watch, on which the user can stream music over WiFi or LTE. The drawback being, it can’t download songs, the interface is not that great and it drains the battery.

Other features :

Weight: 59g

Dimensions: 49 x 46 x 12.9 mm

OS: Tizen

Storage: 4GB

Screen size: 1.3-inch

Resolution: 360 x 360

Screen type: Super AMOLED

Battery: 380mAh

Processor: Exynos 7270

RAM: 768MB

IP rating – IP68


Samsung again has used Tizen as its software and app ecosystem. This has considerably reduced the number of compatible apps for the watch. It does have a few apps like Uber, CNN, Spotify etc. and few other apps which are not that useful. This will leave you wanting for more.

Source: techradar


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