Smart Hair clip that will help deaf people sense sound

Ontenna is a small gadget worn in the hair which translates sound into vibrations .It started life as a university project by Fujitsu user interface designer Tatuya Honda .Ontenna resembles a hair clip and once it is attached it ll sense and covert sound into different levels of vibrations .

The Ontenna will apparently offer 256 different levels of feedback and works in a similar way to bone conducting headphones.You can click on the link to read about the working of bone conduction headphones.

for example if someone rings the doorbell the device will mimic that sound ,or if someone plays music.There will be a difference in feedback which will help users differentiate between different sounds.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.38.36 PM

Hopefully the product is going to be released this year.There are going to be two models,A larger model with bluetooth connectivity and a smaller one without bluetooth .The price for this device is said to be around 100$ .

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SOURCE : Ontenna , Wired

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