CaptoGlove- Wearable Gaming VR, AR, PC & Mobile Controller

Imagine controlling your favorite video games and devices with simple intuitive hand gestures. That time has arrived and the future is now. CaptoGlove is the world’s first wireless wearable motion controller for PC, Mobile and Smart Devices. Take control with nature’s perfect interface: your hand.


As a wearable motion controller for video games, CaptoGlove delivers a unique and immersive experience on a wide variety of platforms and genres including first person shooters, flight sims, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile games and more!

CaptoGlove is immediately usable because it connects directly to the hardware it is controlling. No extra devices needed. It connects wirelessly and interprets natural hand movements as control gestures for a true plug & play experience.

  • Add-Ons: CaptoGlove requires no specifically developed contents and additional equipment such as cameras, tracking devices or expensive PC
  • Connects to devices via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BTLE 4.0)
  • 3.7V Li-ion Polymer Battery delivers 10 hours of continuous gaming or use on a single charge via mini-USB cable
  • Usable Everywhere: From the mall or the beach, to your desk or your living room, CaptoGlove can be used anywhere without the need for area preparation



CaptoGlove has been designed to be as open as possible, allowing for an almost limitless number of potential uses and platform compatibilities.

Usage Applications  

  • Gaming
  • Mobile device control
  • Professional training
  • Healthcare Rehabilitation
  • Digital development – 3D modeling etc.
  • Unmanned systems control
  • Smart home devices
  • Many more!

Platform Compatibility  

  • Microsoft Windows 8-10 via BTLE connection
  • Microsoft Windows 7 via non BTLE connection (Windows 7 do not support BTLE, Wi-Fi required)
  • Microsoft Windows 7-8-10 via USB cable connection
  • iOS & 4th Generation and above Apple TV via BTLE connection
  • Android mobile devices via BTLE connection
  • Android Smart TV consoles via BTLE connection (coming soon)
  • BTLE gaming consoles (coming soon)
  • BTLE Raspberry Pi (Linux Support)

This product has only recently completed it’s kickstarter campaign and has achieved it’s target. The product is currently being manufactured and the first few shipments are expected to be released as early as June, 2017. Expect more from this company and their amazing product in the near future.

Source- CaptoGlove

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