LVL- The First Wearable Hydration Monitor

Over the years, as the temperatures rise on our planet it becomes more important every year to stay hydrated. Many people suffer due to dehydration everyday so, it is increasingly important to keep an eye out on your hydration levels. And the LVL will help you do just that along with tracking your sleep, heart rate, calories etc.


LVL simultaneously tracks your hydration, heart rate, and activity to help you optimize every workout, training set and race. It then prompts you in real-time, alerting to exactly how much fluid you need ( based off of current levels and sweat rates ) and what type of performance boost you can expect.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your day. Research shows that people who sleep better feel better and think fast, and that hydration is one of the keys to unlocking a better night’s sleep. LVL’s simple, clear interface provides the essential information at a glance on a rich full color OLED touch screen, with side buttons for additional input. It connects via BLE to your smartphone, sports watch, bike computer and other devices for a truly connected experience.

The demand for this amazing product will only increase and it’s going to help people in the long run. The product has recently completed it’s kickstarter campaign successfully and will start rolling out the product very soon. So, keep an eye out for this vital and brilliant product.

Source- LVL wearable hydration monitor

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