Cool Wearable Tech for Gaming


Sound quality is very important for every gamer,SUBPAC is a backpack connected to Headphones.SUBPAC converts the low frequency sound that you are hearing and converts it to vibrations.This will get you the best sound experience.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.07.05 PM

Currently, you can get it in two versions. The SubPack S2 (which costs £298) is seat-based, while the M2 (at $379 in the US) has actual straps so can be used being used on the go.
You can buy one from SUBPAC . This will also enhance the sound quality for the VR users.It will make the VR experience more realistic.This is also used by DJ’s .



MYO is a gesture control smart band which helps you take control over your phone or computer touch free.This Smart band is developed by Thalmic labs and it helps you achieve this.The band sports eight modules with sensors built in. These read electrical activity in your muscles and arms, including fist clenching, arm waving and finger movement.






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