Ripple : A Safety Device

Today’s world seems to be fearsome for many. The reason maybe due to the growth in terrorism, theft, rape, kidnap and many more. In a particular day we can observe the number of casualties taking place and proving that this world isn’t a safer place anymore. Hence to ensure personal safety a Florida-based team has designed a small wearable, roughly penny-sized that serves as a sort of panic button called RIPPLE.

The system leverages Tunstall, a health care monitoring group. Three clicks of little square Bluetooth device triggers the network, giving the wearer immediate access to emergency services, 24/7, utilizing geolocation to send first res-ponders directly to them.
For now, Ripple only works in the US.

How To Use Ripple

Using Ripple is straightforward:

Step 1) Download the Ripple app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store

Step 2) Build your personal profile with any information you would like to share with the Ripple team (if any), including your picture, date of birth, physical description (height, weight, hair color, eye color), allergies, medical conditions, current medications, and any other information you feel is important for the team to know in the event of an emergency

Step 3) Wear the Ripple Button, so you no longer have to tell 9-1-1 critical information about yourself before they arrive; instead, the Ripple team does that for you

Step 4) If you ever need to activate Ripple and connect to the team, then your information is automatically transmitted to that team member.


As the makers of Ripple explain, the “team knows all your vital information ahead of time, saving you invaluable time during an emergency situation.” To activate Ripple’s emergency response, you tap the button three times. This contacts the Ripple team, then immediately dispatches emergency responders to your location.

When you setup Ripple for the first time, you can choose exactly how the button works: when you press the button three times, you can choose whether it:

  • Sends police to your location
  • Sends an ambulance to your location
  • Calls your mobile phone (or any mobile phone, like the mobile phone of a loved one).


Ripple Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect Ripple to the Ripple smartphone app
  • Water-resistant
  • Brooch clip design makes it easy to attach Ripple to clothing, keys, jewelry, and more
  • Ripple is the size of a penny (weighs 2 grams)
  • Battery lasts 6 months and never needs to be charged
  • View battery life information directly on your app
  • You receive a battery replacement for free when the battery dies (Ripple just sends you a totally new Ripple Button when your battery expires).


Ripple Pricing

With Ripple, you pay a flat rate and then an ongoing subscription fee. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Try Ripple: $49 (3 months)
  • Ripple for One: $129 (12 months)
  • Ripple for Two: $229 (2 x 12 months)
  • Ripple for the Family: $529 (5 x 12 months)
  • Save the World: $8999 (100 x 12 Months)

The device itself is small and easy to manufacture. When you buy Ripple, you’re essentially paying for the 24/7 monitoring team more than the actual device. As the makers of Ripple explain, “the more pledges we receive, the more economies of scale kick in”.

The estimated shipping date for all of the above packages is April 2017. All of those packages also come with a subscription to the battery replacement plan, where you receive a new device at no additional cost whenever your Ripple’s battery runs out.

Ripple is made by a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company co-founded by Rees Bowen Gillespie.
For more information you can visit their official site : Ripple


Source:Wareable , SupplementPolice

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