LucidCatcher – VR Dreaming Wearable

People live out their wildest fantasies in their dreams. Ever wanted to slay a dragon? or even walk through Hogwarts as Dumbledore? This wearable device helps people with their dreams and help them remember it.

LucidCatcher is a wearable device for Neuromodulation combining advanced sensor technology found only in sleep labs to track and analyze brainwaves in real-time.
At distinct moments in a sleep cycle, imperceptible electrical impulses are used that allow the user to understand that they are actually dreaming.


 The pulses are delivered through dry electrodes made of conductive fabric-like mesh. Their use does not require any special skills or additional care. The headband has a slim and soft construction made of hypoallergenic materials in order to guarantee maximum ergonomic comfort during sleep.

They say there are three different waves used to help people dream- The Theta waves, The Beta waves and The Gamma waves. These three help the user sleep and dream according to what they want. There are also various scenarios to choose from.


They also have an app available which help the user connect with other users. They help in sharing their LucidCatcher experiences through “The Journey” feature which help them sharing their experiences with others.


They are currently running their own kickstarter campaign. They have a good backing so far and will achieve their goal easily and they will start manufacturing soon and according to  their schedule this product will hit the market by as soon as late 2017.

For more on the product check out their kickstarter campaign & help support and reach their goal.

Check out their product in the videos below-


Source- LucidCatcher VR Dreaming Wearable

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