THE O: Never leave anything behind.

Have you ever felt the frustration and anxiety of forgetting something important?

Perhaps your wallet at a restaurant or your notes to a presentation, just moments after you made a mental note specifically to remind yourself about it. Life in the 21st century being what it is ; fast paced and competitive, makes it crucial for you to have the right things at the right time. THE O smart wearable revolutionises reminder systems by acting as a comprehensive virtual personal assistant through its mobile app. THE O proactively alerts you when you’re about to leave something behind.



  1. Attach THE O to your most important belongings that you cannot afford to lose or to forget.
  2. The app keeps them safe by creating an invisible leash between you and them.
  3. The moment you are about to leave something behind the app immediately alerts you (unlike other devices that only help you to locate an item once it is lost).
  4. THE O also checks and alerts you if you leave your house without something essential for the day.



The product derives it’s design from it’s name ; THE O which stands for the octopus. The creative minds behind the device found inspiration in the animal’s ability to “cling onto things and to perfectly blend into its environment by changing its shape, texture and colour“. One of the inventors behind the product, Rose, is an expert in jewellery and luxury fashion design and our industrial designer had learnt how to combine form and function in the Swiss watch industry. THE O is designed to blend seamlessly into your life while being sophisticated, gender-neutral and organic.


THE O comes in two variants:  Tukano and Aerolito.



Tukano represents the more joyous vibrant end of the colour spectrum while Aerolito exudes infinite calm, a show of bare minimalism. But the design choice doesn’t end there. You also have the choice between 3 accessories for the device.


The accessories encapsulate contemporary style and hold THE O like a talisman in a locket. The light rubber accessory is best suited for keys while the cool Premium Black Rhodium, or the chic Luxury Gold (14  karat) are excellent choices to make a fashion statement with handbags, wallets or umbrellas.



THE O can be purchased here in batches of four at a reasonable price of  $79 and can even be purchased in batches of eight at a discount of up to $67. In addition,  you can also purchase accessories depending upon your requirement. The product, which originated as a Kickstarter campaign is now a raging success.


Sources:  Youtube Kickstarter THE O

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