The Badger – Wearable Electronic Badge.

Have you ever wondered why we wear the things we do?  There are infinite possible combinations that could replace what we’re wearing; some good, some bad. The choices we make, make us who we are because fashion ultimately is a form of self-expression. Among the things we wear, lies a small but powerful accessory, the badge. A badge can tell you a lot about a person, their name or the organisation they represent, their accomplishments or even their likes and interests in general. The use of badges can be tracked to the Medieval Period, but not much has changed about its static design; that is, until now.



The Badger is a wearable screen designed to display images, GIFs, or social media handles with smartphone connectivity. It offers users a new way to express themselves by featuring a wide range of images, symbols, or hashtags to choose from. This fashionable device can accentuate your personality and share your style with the world. It is an aide that shares online activities while socialising in an offline setting.



As seen in the video, the Badger connects to your phone (Android or Ios) using low energy Bluetooth (BLE). Using the mobile application, you can upload any GIF or image from your phone to the device in real time.




The Badger, which aims to be your “offline avatar” is designed to complement your personality. The sleek and elegant design of the device draws inspiration from the interactive computer HAL 9000 from the movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”.




The fashionable device is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. As of today, the project has raised $13,617 out of $20,000 with 13 days left. It costs $79 for one Badger for a limited number of backers as a preorder bonus, the estimated retail cost being $119. The product is expected to be packed and shipped in December 2018. For more details, click here.


SOURCES: Indiegogo Youtube


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