Actofit-Your Workout Assistant


The world’s first fitness tracker that automates comprehensive workout tracking & provides actionable insight. Using machine learning algorithms Actofit goes deeper into advanced motion tracking to identify gym exercises, count reps, evaluate form, measure heart rate, calories burned and more to auto-log comprehensive sessions & granular workout statistics; allowing you to evaluate data to make informed decisions.

What makes this different from other Fitbit?

  • Gym Exercises Recognised

    Tracks your exercises based on your wrist motion in the 3D Space. Every exercise has a specific motion signature. Actofit analyses that pattern to identify your exercise automatically.

  • Granular Metrics

    Tracks your peak force, power, explosiveness for each rep automatically. Know your One Rep Max for every set. Use this information to compare and optimize your training.

  • 24/7 Heart Rate

    Continuous, robust and real time Heart Rate during your workouts and throughout the day. Stay in the proper heart rate zones to maximize your workout outputs.

  • Auto Session Logs

End every workout with stats so you can focus on what’s important. Evaluate where you are versus where you want to be and what’s working and what’s not.


What do the experts have to say about Actofit?

We’re lucky to receive so much love!

Actofit is a revolutionary fitness band. Your fitness regime is incomplete without Actofit. Go for Actofit.

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