ECG Guard- help monitor your daily activities

This wearable device can help you improve your health. ECG-Guard is a very small and easy to use wearable health monitor with advanced wireless Bluetooth® connectivity. ECG-Guard records your heart activity with clinical accuracy and displays critical parameters on your smart phone or tablet. ECG-Guard is the ideal companion for many sports activities and will guard your heart continuously for up to 24 hours on one battery charge.

ECG- Guard is not only a heart monitor, it will also track your sleep and analyze your stress levels, it can measure your posture and remind you to sit upright. And it has a built-in thermometer that will measure changes in your body surface temperature. All in one small, smart ECG-Guard.



This device is small, worn around the chest and is comfortable to use. It has been designed to mainly target people working in the field of sports.

It has various functions such as-

  • Long term ECG
  • Maintain body posture
  • Record the body temperature periodically
  • Help in reducing stress
  • Keeping an eye on your sleep cycle


It is currently in need of funding and has it’s own Kickstarter page. You can help this product hit the market. This product has a number of applications and can help improve one’s daily life.

Check out this video for more information-

Sources- ECG-Guard

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