NUGUNA Neckband- For the people with hearing loss

‘NUGUNA Neckband’ was designed to keep the wearer safe, engaged, and aware, whether they choose to use a hearing aid or not. While being discrete and fashionable it allows them to be in control of their environment through vibration alerts of surrounding high pitched sounds. At the same time, it keeps them connected and socially engaged through alerts of social media notifications, phone calls and messages. It helps improve the lives of people with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids. And, provides better awareness to people with hearing loss who use hearing aids.


The built-in microphone measures the ambient noise. If the sound has a higher pitch than the set level then the left side, the right side or both sides of the neckband indicate the direction of the sound through the vibrations.

  • Indoors: The sounds of voices, the doorbell, microwave alarm, alarm clock, ring tone, SMS Social media notifications can be perceived through vibrations.


  • Outdoors: The sounds of car horns and bicycle horns can be perceived through vibrations.


The product is perfect for people who have a hearing problem. The company manufacturing it is currently running their own Kickstarter campaign. According to the their timeline this product should be available in the market as early as late 2017. Share and help them and people get to know about this product!

Check out the product in the video below-

Source- NUGUNA Neckband

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  1. Yacon Root says:

    Amazing Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

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    1. vamshi596 says:

      Thank you. Your reviews are valuable.


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