Moov sweat band

Moov’s latest tracker dares to do something a little different. Rather than going for the wrist like everyone else, it’s going for your forehead with a headband. It looks a little silly, granted, but it does what it says it’ll do: accurately track your heart rate for your HIIT workouts.

Moov decided to put its tracker up near your temples on your head because of the increased blood flow and thin skin. In our tests, we found that the Moov HR Sweat was able to keep up in the heart rate department with the Polar H10. Paired with Moov’s great ecosystem and coaching, plus good battery life, and the Moov HR Sweat is a winner. If you can get past how its looks in the gym, that is.


Workout in the optimal zones, see calorie burn, beat plateaus and crush your goals.

• First ever real-time heart rate based coaching.

• Unique Sweatproof Pulsevision™ technology for unparalleled accuracy.

• New High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]

(Available for iOS and Android)


1 Moov HR Core, 1 Black Headband, 1 Charging cradle, 1 USB Cable, 1 User Manual.


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