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This is a modern world of great technologies. One of the major concerns of today’s society is the increased pollution levels caused by various sources. It maybe due to factory chimneys, automobiles or discharge of industrial effluents. Looking at the rate of increase in pollution levels, it seems to be difficult for the human race to breathe fresh air. Hence Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc.  a leading air purifier company founded by a group of technology experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley have developed a innovative air purification system based on ionic wind technology. Airdog air purifiers are high-performance and eliminate the waste and expense of disposable filter cartridges. It is silent, energy efficient, and easy to use.


FitAir is a smart personal air system that improves your health by freeing your air of viruses, smoke, bacteria, allergens and other harmful microbes. By cleaning within 25 square feet of your personal space at a rate of 3x per hour, this personal shield prevents everyday intake of harmful contaminants and allergens both indoor and outdoor. With the one-of-kind wearable solution, FitAir could be attached to your tote, baby stroller, car seat etc. It is an ideal travel companion for shared spaces and polluted areas.


Highly Efficient

The medical grade H13 HEPA filter offers 97.8% filtration efficiency. It protects you from pollen, odor, virus, smoke, and other harmful contaminants.

High Volume Air Flow

High porous inlets with 290 ports, allowing maximum air flow of 130 L/min (average adult breathing capacity is 10-20 L/min). It offers continuous cleaning of 25 square feet of space surrounding you. There are three-levels of air flow adjustments.

Long battery life

A full charge lasts up to 6 hours of continuous operation. Different colored lights indicate remaining battery life.

Smart Solution

Fitair is a smart device that connects via bluetooth to your phone. The Fitair app keeps you informed of the air quality surrounding you. For convenience, it also calculates your HEPA filte life as well as remaining battery life so you don’t need to worry about checking either.


Wearable , Hands-free Option


Add essential oils and place in your office or bedroom to enhance your well being physically and mentally.

An easy-to-use strap quickly attaches the device to your arm or backpack straps.

To buy your product or details regarding the price, visit : Silicon Valley Air Experts .



Source : Silicon Valley Air Experts CNET


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