Google Pixel Earbuds

Following the latest trend set by Apple, the wireless ear-pods for the iPhone, Google are now launching the pixel earbuds. These intelligent earbuds are wireless and linked to one other by a thin cloth material. It consists of touch control on the right earbud which turns on Google assistant and supports in controlling audio.
The outstanding feature that separates this from the rest of the devices in it’s class is the ability to translate over 40 languages in real time. This is possible by connecting it to a tethering point of an android phone. It’s got a battery backup of 5 hours (listening time) once fully charged.

pi1Google has opened bookings and promised to start delivering these products from November. It will be shipped with a charging case that can ratchet that up to about 24 hours. Google has launched them in three different colors namely Kinda Blue, Just Black, and Clearly White, each of which would cost about $159.


In this growing competition of new devices each with latest technology and them significantly varying from one another it would be a challenge to predict the buyer’s response.But due to the pixel’s voice translation feature it will come handy for many and may get a better response.




Source : Buzzfeed
Video Courtesy : Youtube




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