NADI X – Smart Yoga Pants

Earlier there have been many instances where companies have talked about launching or bringing in smart clothing that can track your fitness levels and maintain body postures. Although it did not happen with an immediate effect, lately we have seen a  few start ups working to bring in the same. These smart clothes could help you in keeping yourself fit and also track the progress of your way to get fit.


So coming to the point, yoga is an exercise practiced by many and isn’t easy for everyone at their first try. So how to overcome this? How do we get our postures right and hold onto to them?
If you don’t have a good instructor or you are trying postures by yourself, you may end up putting your body at trouble. A Sydney-based startup Wearable X’s Nadi X pants, however, wants to address this issue and provide a solution.
These fitness pants come with built-in haptic vibrations provide guidance through vibration and accelerometers around the hips knees and ankles teach you yoga step by step. It syncs up data via Bluetooth to your mobile device and, through the companion app, it gives you additional feedback.



  • Flat seamed
  • four-way stretch fabric
  • level 1 compression


  • Includes “the Pulse” a rechargeable module
  • Includes USB charging cable
  • Includes custom designed storage box
  • Gentle Wash and Tumble Dry



Well what are you waiting for? You can purchase one right away and start off yoga.
Here’s the link to purchase…..NADI X Smart Yoga

Picture Credits: NADI
Source: Wareable


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