MoodoGo – Portable Diffuser

People of today live in a world of aromas, aroma is typically a pleasant smell that can shoot up someone’s mood right from the lowest level to the peak.  In order to achieve this most people today use various air fresheners at their workplaces, homes and cars.


MoodoGo is a simple to use air freshener that can be plugged into a usb socket anywhere you wish to right from your workplace to your car. It’s a small version of Moodo, a popular air diffuser,  so simply plug in MoodoGo and experience some of the same Moodo scents you enjoy at home with the original smart Moodo diffuser.

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 MoodoGo’s compatible capsules include Wood Royale, Sea Breeze, Orange Sunrise and Grandma Vanilla, each designed to enhance your mood by energizing or relaxing you through the olfactory sense.


MoodoGo supports a single scent capsule, which is replaceable at any moment  with other compatible fragrance capsules, switching the scent suitable to your mood. The intensity of the aroma can be adjusted either by increasing or decreasing the flow of fragrance by rotating a small dial present on top of the device. Just like the Moodo smart-home aroma diffuser, the MoodoGo uses advanced dry-air, alcohol-free fragrance diffusion technology, meaning no wax, heating or aerosols are used to disperse the scent.
This is one of the simplest and most compact air diffuser and i really think you should get one right away.

MoodoGo is available for purchase at Moodo

Source: Moodo Esquire
Picture Credits: MoodoGo

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