Biker’s Airbag – Helite

Roads these days are filled with various obstacles, including pot holes and drunk drivers, leaving a rider exposed to higher chances of meeting with an accident. It is necessary for one to be safe while riding on highways, of course there are helmets to protect the head, leaving the body exposed to greater risks. Hence to keep your body protected Helite has come up with a vest that’s protective and is specially designed for motorcycle use.


Helite is a European company and the turtle airbag vest is made in Europe,that provides great protection and comfort to the riders. This version also meets the CE high – visibility specification. It was developed over several years of testing, using motorcycle crash data collected by University of Florence (ITALY) and laboratory analysis.

It satisfies multiple criteria, with its standard but in back protector in the high visibility fluorescent color. Air bag vest is deployed if the rider is ejected from the motorcycle during an accident. The vest inflates and protect the core body cavity. The vest also add a layer of abrasion protection and it has built-in knox back protector which is an added benefit. Actually calling it a “CO 2 vest” or “carbon dioxide inflatable vest” Would probably be more accurate than airbag” as the vest is inflated from the pressure in CO 2 cartridge attached to the front. The airbag vest is reactive, that is it inflates during the accident, not in Anticipation of the accident. There are some highly complex airbag inflation system that includes sensors on the motorcycle which will trigger the airbag in milliseconds[mm] before the full force of the impact is felt by the rider.


The outer shell of the helite airbag vest is made from NYLON “Cordura” like fabric typically found in motorcycle jackets shells.The vest feels like its lightly padded but that’s actually the airbag inside, Sandwiched between the outer shell and the heavy mesh polyester vest lining. The weight really isn’t noticeable when riding, other than the fact that the vest blocks the airflow from a mesh or perforated leather jacket. Its comfortable and fits with adequate room and feels more or less like wearing an inflatable “Mae vest” type of inflatable vest used in boating or sailing.


The CO 2 engagement system designed by helite appears to be very well made and nicely designed. The threaded CO 2 cartridge is held in a heavy plastic mount on the right-handed side of the chest. The vest arrives with the CO 2 cartridge installed to the receiver. The receiver unit holds an engagement cord that has a metal ball attached to one end. The cord is attached to the motorcycle and if the rider is ejected from the bike, the ball is pulled out of the receiver and a heavy spring pushes a sharp penetrator into the neck of the CO 2 cartridge, which then inflates the vest. Helite said the airbag vest protects effectively after 0.1 seconds.


It directly protects the neck, spine, chest and pelvis. Thus indirectly protecting the head, liver, heart, and lungs.


The CO 2 cartridge is easily replaced. A hex key is included with the vest and it can be used to unscrew a plug from the bottom of the CO 2 cartridge receiver, which then releases the spring.The metal ball of the cord can then be replaced in its metal cavity, the plug is threaded in again the new CO 2 cartridge is threaded into the top of the receiver.

Therefore I would suggest every rider to get one of this vest if you are worried about your safety on road as it would really be a lifesaver. Here’s the link for purchase Helite .


Source : Motogear , Helite
Picture Credits : Google Images

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