Lumen – Metabolism Tracking Device

As everyone’s life goes by the say, health is wealth, thus health is the most important factor of life. In today’s world almost every being desires to lose weight and chisel out a perfect body. Now this losing of weight can be related to burning calories that is directly related to your body metabolism rate. The body metabolism rate varies everyday based on the food intake, using this as a cause a team of scientists, engineers and designers aimed at improving the way people eat and manage their bodies have come up with a device called LUMEN that tracks your body metabolism rate daily.



Lumen works like a breath-analyzer,  based on the breath released it gives an insight about your health, it has an app connected to your phone. The device analyzes the CO2 content of your breath to tell you whether you’re burning carbs or body fat for energy. This is used as the basis for personalized nutrition recommendations, including the number of carbs and fat you should be eating on any given day based on your goals.


This feature may be of special interest to those who are on the keto diet, which focuses on getting the body into ketosis, a state where it’s burning fat for fuel. Because Lumen can tell you quickly whether you’re burning body fat, you can easily check whether you’re staying on track. As of now, the app doesn’t provide keto-specific meal recommendations, but it’s still a pretty good alternative to straight-up guessing or testing your urine for ketones.l4

It’s always a good idea to see how your body functions on your current diet before moving forward with any nutrition changes, the CO2-measuring system is actually a pretty well-accepted tool for metabolism tracking among dietitians.

On a whole with Lumen you can achieve the following,

  • Track your metabolism.
  • Eat the right foods for your body.
  • Improve your workouts.
  • Guidance on every step.


So why wait, get your device today from Lumen

Source  : Shape , Lumen
Picture credits : Lumen

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