Traveller’s Guide – Pocketalk

Travelling is passion for many, but for most the native language of the region may pose a threat for communication. To make translation easy and get along with the rest of the world, a company known as Sourcenext has launched a device called Pocketalk.


Pocketalk is the new and easy way to have a real conversation with someone who speaks a different language. Simple interface for easy two-way conversations. It can translate into and out of 74 languages without any lag, is simple to use and picks up voices easily with noise cancelling microphones. The dual microphones with noise cancellation picks up every word.  p4

Keeps the conversation loud and clear in any environment, with two built-in speakers. Battery is something that concerns most of us,  it provides seven hours of usage or up to ten days in sleep mode.

Keep it connected to WiFi, mobile data or personal hotspot for easy usage. Connects to the internet for access to robust language engines and cutting-edge cloud technologies for highly accurate translations. With it’s small and compact size, pocketalk is easy to carry around.

Hence i would suggest that getting one of this would make your travel easier. Here’s where you can get yours, Pocketalk

Source : Pocketalk Esquire
Picture Credits : Google Images

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