The Fitbit for you – 2019 edition

Having a health-tracker is an important wearable for people as it helps them maintain or achieve their fitness goals. With all the wide and stylish range of Fitbits out there, you might be wondering which one would suit your needs the best. This post should help you decide the Fitbit so that you can start working on that annoying body fat as soon as possible and maintain a healthy and hearty lifestyle. Let’s get right into it!

The basic requirement for anyone using a fitbit are the following:

  • Steps, Calories and Distance
  • Clock/Time
  • Sleep Tracking and Silent alarm
  • Reminders to get up and start moving
  • Call and text notification
  • Water Resistance
  • Smart Track- automatically recognize activities like Walking, running, elliptical, biking

Now we will go into the specifics of each Fitbit talking about the additional features each of them have


Fitbit Inspire

If you’re just starting and are into casual fitness, this Fitbit has all the basic features you need.

It tracks your basic steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned, and offers on-wrist notifications including Caller ID, texts and calendar alerts.

Note that this does not have GPS, a Heart rate monitor and Altimeter(measure climbing of stairs), hence, making this a very affordable option for general use.


Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

The Inspire HR, just like its younger sibling, has all the basic features of the Inspire like distance, steps, calories burned, etc.

But unlike the Inspire, it also comes with a Heart Rate monitor. (Also what the HR Stands for)

So if you really liked the Inspire but was disappointed that it didn’t have a heart rate monitor, then here you go. This Fitbit is just a little higher priced than the Inspire.


Charge 3

Image result for fitbit charge 3

This is the most popular Fitbit and will most likely be the perfect one for you. The reasons that the Charge 3 is most appealing is because it has got a whole bunch of features for its moderate price.

Apart from the features we discussed above, it has its own Heart rate monitor, you can connect your phone’s GPS to map your runs, Altimeter(measures floors climbed), and keeps track of your Sleep stages.

You also get a full set of on-screen notifications such as Caller ID, texts, Calendar, WhatsApp, and others. It even has its own Weather app. The Charge 3 has all the necessary features for your perfect fitness regime to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Versa Lite

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

The Versa Lite comes with a load of features just like the Charge 3, and more.

It’s got the heart rate monitor, measures sleep stages, etc. But what differentiates it from the Charge 3 is that it has got on screen touch controls. You can control your playback music on the go instead of taking out your phone to pause or skip the song. It uses Bluetooth to sync applications and updates from the Fitbit app.

Though the Versa Lite has extra features compared to the Charge 3, it lacks an Altimeter which is present on the latter.



Image result for fitbit versa

This Versa is similar to the Versa Lite it terms of appearance, but in terms of features, it has a big upgrade. It has 2 extra buttons on the side which basically help in measuring swim laps as the touch screen wouldn’t work under water.

The biggest and most significant difference is that the Versa has got WiFi connectivity, which means it has got a number of apps which it can run(Starbucks, Runkeeper, Weather). You can also view animated on-screen workouts on your Fitbit using the Fitbit Coach. The Versa also allows you to use on-wrist Fitbit pay, and you also have the ability to store music locally on the on the fitness tracker.

The Versa is significantly complete in terms of everything you can possibly have on a perfect fitness tracker. But there is one more Fitbit, which goes even beyond the Versa.



Related image

This Fitbit Ionic is the best fitness tracker out there. There is nothing that this Fitbit lacks in terms of what a fitness tracker should do.

The feature that makes it better than the previous Versa is that it has a built-in GPS so that you don’t have to carry your bulky phone with you all the time for your workouts or to map your run. It can store up to a 300 songs locally, allows playback music control, Fitbit coach workouts, Fitbit pay and also allows you to use a range of apps.

This is one of the most premium fitness tracker in the market today and though it may have a hefty price tag, it will not disappoint you or make you regret your decision of making it your fitness buddy.


Hopefully you found this post useful and you have figured out which Fitbit is best suited to make your fitness buddy. Happy workout!

Sources: Techadvisor, Fitbit
Image credits: Techadvisor, UnboxPH, tom’sGuide, RizKnows, Macworld

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