What is a pain pod? pain pod is a biologically body friendly device which ensures drug free relief from pain. This wearable uses advanced micro controlled technology to reduce pain symptoms that may occur in a person’s body. It can be used by a person of any age. In recent times these devices have been used for physiotherapy, sports therapy, etc. Being body friendly this device can be used by all young or adult.

pp1Australians experience a higher percentage of pain than any country across the globe.
According to a major study conducted by Glaxo Smith Kline Group, seven in 10 Australians  experience body pain on a weekly basis.
Now an Australian born company has developed new drug-free technology which is providing pain relief for chronic pain and acute pain sufferers across the globe.

PainPod is a drug-free, pocket-sized device which harnesses the body’s bioelectrical system to moderate and manage pain levels. It works by delivering bio-electrical nerve stimulation pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area, blocking pain signals from travelling to the brain. PainPod has a range of devices for different applications, including some specifically designed for hands and feet, but top of its bestseller list are the PainPod 3 and PainPod Mi. PainPod 3 has 12 treatments to choose from and 20 intensity settings; it’s also a 3-in-1 device, not only blocking pain, but also accelerating recovery and increasing performance levels.


This device is approved on the register of Therapeutic Goods Australia and FDA listed. PainPod is available from leading pharmacies, physiotherapists, chiropractors and online. Get a painpod of your own and go medicine free.
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To know more about painpod , check out PainPod .



Source : PainPod , Ultimate travel magazine


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