HeartGuide – Omron Releases First Ever Blood Pressure watch

“Imagine a world without heart attacks or strokes. No, it’s not a dream. It’s our goal. Zero heart attacks. Zero strokes. That’s Generation Zero. It’s a generation not defined by its age but by its desire to live healthier and longer. It’s a new way forward,” says Omron.


According to the World Health Statistics 2012 report, India 23.10% men and 22.60% women above 25 years suffer from hypertension.

High blood pressure killed 1.6M in 2016, but most are unaware

High blood pressure affects nearly three in ten Indians and is responsible for 17.5% of all deaths and 9.7% of disability-adjusted life years (DALYS) in India, according to data released in 2017. Anyone, including children, can develop it.

In light of this situation, devices like the Omron HeartGuide which have been released can be used to measure blood pressure directly from the wrist. It does this by using Oscillometric technology which measures the vibration of your blood traveling through your arteries and converts the movement into digital readings.The wearable actually has a cuff, like the ones in the conventional albeit tinier, that inflates, measuring the systolic and diastolic rates, paired with the HeartAdvisor companion app, HeartGuide will track your blood pressure over time.


Other features of the watch are:

>Activity tracking and sleep quality

>Monitor trends with colour coded health graphs

>Access to dashboard containing health history, reminders and settings

>get personalised insights




Here’s how it works:

This video doesn’t exist

For people who want to monitor their health and activity this would be a perfect companion, also makes for a sleek smartwatch that wouldn’t look out off place on anyone’s wrist.

You can get it here : OmronHealthCare


Source : Omronhealthcare,YouTube,Medicalxpress,MedGadget

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