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This is a fast growing world where each day sees a new innovation. As all what mankind does is indulge himself in the past which might not allow him to think for the future, we aim to keep you updated not only with the future wearable technologies but with the current and past ones as well. Hence we come together to either provide you with a brief or detailed description of everything that will help you in further understanding the time’s we live in and the technology around us. More details about us:

 Siddhartha N Vadhar –Siddhartha@LinkedIn

IMG_7009.    Co-Founder of The Future Wearables

Founder & Director at ZeroPoint Robotics Pvt. Ltd

Development Engineer at Miracle Electronics

Email: siddharthanv123@gmail.com / siddhartha@zeropointrobotics.com /     siddhartha@miracle.net.in

Siddhartha  is an experienced Website Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in Cryptocurrency Trading, ANSYS HFSS, Adobe Photoshop, Delegation, and Team Leadership. Strong business development professional graduated from R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

V Vamshi Krishna – VamshiKrishna@LinkedIn


Email: vamshi51996@gmail.com

Co-Founder of The Future Wearables

Vamshi  is an experienced Website Owner, a Technical Consultant working for one of the biggest consulting firms in the world.  Is technically solid  in the field of electronics, has in-depth knowledge on the architecture of an enterprise resource planning software. Completed his undergraduate in the field of  Electronics and Communication Engineering from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Shreyas Reddy- ShreyasReddy@LinkedIn


Email: shreyas_reddy@outlook.com

Co-Founder of The Future Wearables

Shreyas  is an experienced Website Owner. He has done various projects in the field of communications. Has knowledge in ANSYS HFSS, Cadence and is good at Problem Solving. He has completed his undergraduate in the field of  Electronics and Communication Engineering from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.