Automotive Wearables

From a very long time the automotive industry has been the interest of many. Now we have come to stage where many automobiles are being equipped with every possible smart device. It may be a part of safety, control or even luxury.  Wearable devices like smart glasses and smartwatches are mainly used to enhance the driver’s experience and improve safety. More specifically, Mercedes, BMW and Nissan have built special applications that monitor speed, fuel efficiency and even the driver’s fatigue level via heart rate sensors. In general there are three categories that wearable devices are used in the car industry. Beginning with the “Behind-The-Scenes Operations” (like the design process or the manufacturing assembly line), the employee and consumer interactions (like worker safety and automotive retail process) and, lastly, the costumer´s driving experience. However, new technology can assist in many ways. Big car makers see a big chance in optimizing the planning and building processes of cars. Today, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla, Volvo and Ford are the market-leading companies for smart connected driving.
To conclude, the car industry is already influenced by wearable technology and connected smart IoT devices. In the coming future, this tech may blast off into the next big innovative market. Furthermore, car makers and drivers will benefit from the new developments in terms of safety and luxury. It is exciting to learn which new innovations will be presented in the next few years.